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This website has been developed by one of London’s top knee surgeons as a resource for anyone wishing to know more about knee replacement surgery and the best available options for their knee.

Knee replacement (also known as ‘knee arthroplasty’) is a major orthopaedic operation, and not something to rush into unduly! It involves opening up the knee joint and resurfacing the worn/damaged joint surfaces of an arthritic knee with metal surfaces, with plastic ‘washers’ in-between. Knee replacement is a big op, a fairly painful op, and it requires extensive difficult rehab afterwards. The more you can learn about knee replacement surgery in advance, then the better prepared you will be for the surgery, and the more likely you will be to pick the right surgeon and the right prosthesis for you, as an individual.


This website was written by one of London’s top knee surgeons, Mr Ian McDermott, and it is intended as an information resource to provide you with as much knowledge about knee replacement surgery as possible. However, sometimes, the more you read about a subject and the more you learn, the more questions you may end up having! This website is not intended to replace a proper face-to-face clinical assessment, but it will hopefully help inform you and guide you, so that you can ask the right questions of your own knee surgeon, and so that you can might the right decisions for you!

Knee replacement surgery can give you your life back and can cure the torture of knee arthritis. However, you deserve the best knee replacement with the best knee surgeon, and this, along with the best rehab, will give you the best chance of the best possible outcome, with a happy healthy active life!

Patient Stories

When contemplating potentially going ahead with knee replacement surgery, it often helps people to learn about other people’s experiences and to read their stories. If you have knee arthritis and/or if you’ve undergone knee replacement surgery and you’ve got insight that you are prepared to share, then please simply e-mail us, and we’ll do our best to get as many articles up on this website as we can.

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Fiona’s custom-made knee replacement

 Conformis custom-made knee replacement

Dear Ian, When I saw you four weeks ago [@ 2 weeks post-op] you issued what felt like a challenge: stairs in 6 weeks! Well, here is evidence of stairs at 5 weeks!! I am on...

Julie’s custom-made knee at just 6 weeks post-op!

 Custom-made knee replacement

My name is Julie, I am a 58 year old retired P.E. teacher.  My knee problem started following a broken patella when I was in my 20’s.  Closely followed by a septic arthritis in...

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4 December 2023

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15 May 2020

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2 May 2020

Latest study shows that steroid injections actually INCREASE the future risk of knee replacement surgery.

19 February 2020

Conformis iTotal-CR Knee Replacement Awarded “5A” Rating from ODEP

1 November 2019

Ian McDermott presents at the OPN Knee Conference in Leeds on his use of Vivostat PRF to improve outcomes after…

4 September 2019

The KneeKG video gait analysis system for measuring outcomes after knee replacement surgery.

20 June 2019

The 2019 London Knee OA Meeting: how and why to delay knee replacement surgery.

8 February 2019

The London Sports Orthopaedics consultants present at the 2019 UK Conformis User Group Meeting.