3D-printed custom-made patient specific jigs from Conformis shown to give the most accurate alignment possible.

“Accuracy of Coronal Plane Mechanical Alignment in a Customized, Individually Made Total Knee Replacement with Patient-Specific Instrumentation.”
Levengood and Dupee
Journal of Knee Surgery 2018; 31(8): 792-796

Researchers from Georgia, U.S.A, examined the alignment and accuracy of placement of knee replacement prostheses using 3D-printed patient-specific cutting jigs to implant Conformis custom-made knee replacements. The authors showed that ‘perfect’ alignment was achieved in 53 out of 63 knees studied, with the remaining 10 patients having alignment within ±2° of perfect. The authors highlight that these results are as good if not better than the best results published using CAS (computer-assisted surgery), such as ‘computer navigation’.

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1 December 2017